NECA Toys at NY Toy Fair 2015 – Aliens, Pacific Rim, Batman, Terminator – VIDEO

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NECA Toys was impressive as always at NY Toy Fair 2015, unveiling a ton of new prototypes and figures from across their wide line of licenses. Starting with the video above, take a look at some of the great new figures from “Aliens”, “Predator”, “Robocop VS Terminator”, and the gorgeous 18-inch 1/4 scale figures of Christopher Reeves as Superman, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 from the “Terminator” Series as well as his character from “Commando”, Danny Devito as The Penguin from “Batman Returns”, and a Batman based on his look in the Arkham Asylum video game. My personal favorite has to be Ripley from Aliens, as well as her in the Power Loader fighting the Queen Alien (sadly, the diorama will not be available for sale, but man was that thing great to look at).

This second video of their booth features all the new kaiju from their continuing “Pacific Rim” line, as well as a preview of their new mini-figures. Plus, a first look at some of their new Godzilla figures, as well as “Heroes of the Storm”, “Interstellar”, and more from their Cult Classics line of famous movie monsters.

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