“Power Rangers: Dino Charge” figures & zords from Bandai at NY Toy Fair 2015 – VIDEO

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Continuing our tour of Bandai’s “Power Rangers Dino Charge” toyline at NY Toy Fair 2015, we take a look at the zords and action figures from the show.

With the line based around combining with the T-rex zord, triceratops, and stegosaurus (and in the fall using the other two main dinos), the zords all combine with each other to make for a fully customizable megazord with dinozords from the show as well as originally created ones from Bandai. All of them also interact with the Dino Chargers to make for more customization. You can also get the Dino Charge motorcycles that can pull apart and become two separate zords, and also include a five-inch action figure with each one. The biggest zord will be the T-rex zord, which has a chomping bite, lights up, and can growl and stomp around (and also play the MMPR theme song)!

New figures this year from the line include a mash-up style line of figures that can be customized, and will be across the entire galaxy of all 22 seasons of Power Ranger shows, and also includes zords.

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