Johny Hendricks Doesn’t Like Playing Second Fiddle

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UFC 185 is a stacked event, with two main events, but perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s possible neither of those fights will stand as the best of the night. And nobody knows that better than Johny Hendricks (16-3).

Rather than wait for a rematch with Robbie Lawler, the former UFC welterweight champion was keen to get back in the ring, and his matchup with Matt Brown (19-12) is one he knows could come with some fireworks. Hendricks is the heavy favorite (view odds here at TopBet) but the fighting style of Brown is one he respects could cause him some trouble.

“He’s a taller guy than me, for one, so he’s going to have to get in closer and if he gets in closer he’s going to have to deal with my power,” Hendricks told FOX Sports. “Whenever you look at that you’ve seen what I can do, it turns into a really exciting fight. It could be a clash of wills to see who can win inside.”

Matt Brown is by no means a top-tier marquee fighter at this stage of his career, having 12 losses to his name, including his most recent to current welterweight champion Lawler, but his pedigree is nonetheless there as a fighter who can get into the mix of an exciting fight.

This is all essentially a sidelight for Hendricks, who will get a rematch with Lawler after what was a rare split decision title fight. In fact, if not for Lawler’s run of dominance towards the end of the fight, Hendricks might still be the one enjoying the title of welterweight champion. In the meantime, Hendricks doesn’t want you to forget his name, or that he’ll be back soon enough to contest Lawler in what will be one of the UFC’s biggest events of the year.

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