Khabib Wants His Title Shot Now

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Khabib Nurmagomedov was expected to fight Eddie Alvarez on two different occasions, but it seems that Khabib believes the former Bellator lightweight champ is simply ducking him at this point. The two fighters were initially penciled in to meet each other either at UFC 205 or 206, but instead Alvarez faces Conor McGregor in NYC. Needless to say, Khabib is not happy about this.

“First of all, the UFC said, ‘Hey, you’re gonna fight on August 27th in Canada (against) Eddie,'” Nurmagomedov explained to MMA Fighting‘s Luke Thomas in the video interview below. “I said yes I’ll take the fight, but Eddie is not (willing) to take the fight. After that, the UFC gave me 205. Eddie said no. After that, the UFC gave me 206. Eddie said no. And now, these guys made this bulls**t fight (Alvarez vs. McGregor).

“Eddie and his coaches, everybody knows that this is a very tough fight for him. And then he said, ‘Oh, I want an easy fight.’ You’re the champion, you’re the UFC champion, you have to fight the number one-ranked. The number one-ranked is not easy. For me, it’s a crazy decision, but it’s OK, I’m gonna keep going, I’m gonna finish Michael Johnson at UFC 205, and after this, I want to fight for the title.”

Next for Khabib he will meet Michael Johnson during the November 12th card in Madison Square Garden in New York City, the promotion’s debut in The Empire State. Not only does Khabib expect to win, but he believes that he will do so and then get the crack at the championship belt that he should have already had.

“I don’t care about what they say, because the UFC and Dana says these things all the time, but I never believed it. First of all, I have to finish this guy (Johnson), and after, we’ll see what happens. But I know I deserved the title shot, long time ago.”

The next UFC coming up is this weekend at UFC 204, featuring Dan Henderson challenging Michael Bisping for his middleweight title.  If you are not busy watching UFC events, click here for live in-play UFC matches to bet on with William Hill. Tally ho!

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