Plans to Host Bellator Fight in Ireland in the Works

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Bellator is probably the only Mixed Martial Arts Organization in the world capable of rivaling the UFC in that particular arena of sports; and as a leading MMA organization, they are set to make history when they hold their first event in Ireland; and online MMA betting is probably watching close to see how successful the event proves.

Of course, nothing has been set in stone; rather, Bellator has merely spoken of its plans to export the sport to Ireland. MMA is the most popular it has ever been, and organizations like Bellator are making every effort possible to capitalize on the spiking interest in the sport.

Bringing a major MMA event to Ireland is one way of growing their fan base, and if all goes according to plan, Bellator could be in Ireland before this year ends. Bellator operates under the auspices of US media giant Viacom.

The organization isn’t quite on the level of the UFC because it is still quite young, having come onto the scene in 2009. For a while now, the operations of Bellator have been sorely focused on North America; however, as of 2016, the organization has been working hard to plant roots in other locations.

They have hosted events in countries like the UK and Italy, and in a few weeks time, they will be in Israel. The Ireland initiative still has a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. Scott Coker, the Bellator president, told The42 that he couldn’t provide as many details as fans wanted just yet; however, he emphasized the fact that his organization would host an event in Ireland before 2016 closed.

Viacom, who owns Bellator, also owns Channel 5 and Spike UK; as such, it wouldn’t be so unexpected to see the MMA organization make an appearance in Ireland. And if the 2016 event is successful, Bellator could host as many as 4 events in Ireland in 2017.

2016 has seen Bellator take many notable strides in the MMA arena; they spent the year bringing some of the biggest names in MMA into the fold, this including Benson Henderson (ex-UFC lightweight champion) and Rory McDonald to mention but a few.

The decision to sign 19-year-old featherweight James Gallagher was also probably partially driven by Bellator’ s determination to appeal to the Irish Market. James comes from Strabane and he is a straight blast gym product.

The young fighter had the opportunity to train under John Kavanagh; he also worked alongside greats like UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. James is still quite young; Cocker admits as much.

However, the organization is looking to develop him into a massive star that could spread Bellator’ s name across the world. Fans won’t have long to wait to see James in action.

James and Kirill Medvedovsky will fight in Tel Aviv on the 10th of November at Bellator 164. James has a way he carries himself in the ring that just endears fans to him. Along with James, Coker is looking to bring even more Irish talent into the fold.

Little has been said about the exact details of the Ireland fight, but fans can rest assured knowing that it will happen this year.

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