About Us

The Fight Nerd “Anderson elbow’s” a board with Costas Philipou. Photo courtesy of Ken Maldonado.
The Fight Nerd “Anderson elbow’s” a board with Costas Philipou. Photo courtesy of Ken Maldonado.

What is TheFightNerd.com?

This website is the containment unit of combat sports, from MMA to Traditional Martial Arts, and all things fighting, from wrestling to boxing to K-1 kickboxing and even the fast-paced world competitive thumb wrestling. We cover day to day news about MMA organizations around the world, interviews with fighters and coaches, offer new techniques for fighters, and conduct in-depth gear and product reviews to help you buy the right things to make you a more complete fan and competitor. What makes us different? That there is a cynical nerd with giant sideburns writing about it. Hmm, maybe that isn’t so different… well, I make more exclusive content than most of the bigger sites, so beat that!

Who runs this place?

This editor-in-chief and owner of the site is Matthew Kaplowitz. He also writes about 98% of what you read on the site, unless it’s wrong. Then the other 2% wrote it which includes Peter Lampasona and Gabrielle Cepeda. Photos are provided by Matthew Kaplowitz, Cathlin Daley, Ken Maldonado, and Casville Ferguson. Videos are created by Matthew Kaplowitz and usually a tripod, or a tall tree-like man holding the camera for me. The site is maintained by William Li.

The Fight Nerd Sizzle Reel – January 2012 Version

What makes this site so different?

This site is not your normal news or rumor site. Sure, we post some news, but the main goal of this site is to meet not just the fighters, but the people around the fight world. We want to educate new fans on the history of this young sport and keep old fans entertained with unique and exclusive content. In time, this will turn into a site made by fans and for the fans, but you will need to stick around to see how that happens.

How often is the site updated?

Whenever I get around to it. Generally I update new videos roughly every 3-4 days, text updates are daily. There is no set schedule to updates so you just have to keep coming back and be surprised, and ideally I will get to the point where I can update with a new video every day with tons of news, but that is a long way from now.

Do I look fat in this outfit?

Only when you are eating…. which is all the time.

What equipment do you use?

I use an iMac with 2 gigs of ram that trudges along to do all my work and a variety of external hard drives to store it all. I shoot my photos with a Canon 40D and my video work is shot with a Canon Vixia HFS-21. I used to shoot video with my Panasonic HDC-HS9 which had no microphone jack, meaning all audio is shot externally and synched up after. FYI that sucked big time. I made the switch before the UFC Fan Expo 2010 in Boston, however I still use the Panasonic for press conferences (better for low-light situations). And that is your tech lesson for the day!

How do I contact you?

If you want to email me for advertising, working for my site, or just have a question for me, you can reach me at Matt (at) TheFightNerd.com.

Where else can I find The Fight Nerd?

You can find me on facebook at Facebook.com/thefightnerd, or visit my fan page at this link here. You can also follow me on twitter at Twitter.com/thefightnerd, or if you are still a caveman and use myspace, at this link here.

If you are looking for me in print form, you can grab the latest issue of MMA Worldwide Magazine and TapouT Magazine, in bookstores and newsstands just about everywhere. I also write betting predictions on Covers.com, so if you want some picks head to their site, just don’t hate me if I’m wrong!

Can I work for your site, pretty please with sugar on top?

Do I look like I have diabetes? Seriously, if you are interested in being a contributor to my site, just send me an email to Matt (at) thefightnerd.com. Gotta’ keep those spammers away! I might not get back to you right away about that, but I will as soon as I can!